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PostSubject: < Guild Information >   Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:01 am

First of all, welcome to Impaired forums!

In this post, i will try to explain everything that might be important for you concidering to join us, and also for our clueless members.

Many of the members of Impaired go way back, but most of us met in a Magtheridon guild called Anarchy. Anarchy was formed by Me(Froodo), Flametorch, Bawsack and Fize. We all started out in blue gear, raiding Karazhan, and 1.5 months later we were slaying bosses in MH/BT, so saying that we were a successful guild would not be a over statement.

Unfortunatly, for several reasons, Anarchy broke up and it's members either quit the game, or carried on in new guilds.

About 6 months later, i (froodo) decided to pick up WoW again. I started playing, and after guildhopping for awhile without finding any guild that shared my thoughts on how a guild should be runned, i ended up making my own. ALOT of old Anarchy members started showing interest, so we renamed the guild, and went for a much more serious aproach. The guild is now full of life, and about 10-15 old members have rejoined our ranks, many coming from mh/bt and even sunwell guilds. The only explanation i can have for this, is that they have more fun raiding with us, which is what it's all about really.

We are now filling the last few spots, and starting SSC/TK , but MH/BT is not far away.

Future Goals:

Impaired was created without any specific TBC goals in mind. Our goals are set far into the future, in WotlK. We will be raiding alot in TBC to find the core raid squad we think will give us a good start in WotLK, but will not spend alot of extra hours pushing for kills now. Of course this does not mean that you shouldn't come prepared for every raid, and certain bosses might get a tad pushes, becaus that is part of the screening process to find the gamers we want.


Impaired will be using a open bid DKP with fixed minimum prices on items, For example



Like all other guilds, we have a need for certain classes and specs, but we will always be concidering you if you are an excellent player and put time and thought into your application. If you are not willing to spend at least 30 minutes writing an application, don't bother.

I hope you enjoyed our introduction, and i'll see you at the recruitment section Razz
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