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PostSubject: SHADOW PRIEST APP   Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:45 pm

Ingame Character details:

1. Name/nick Zeezo
2. Class Priest
3. Specc ( Shadow )
4. Equipment (Frozen shadoweave set full, and many badges of juicstice items)
5. Professions (Alchamist for pots and flasks and money making and also 2 make imba trinket, and shadoweave tailoring for shadoweave set(used 2 be herbalisim 2 help alchemy)

Player details:

1. Name Amr
2. Age 18
3. Sex male
4. Country Jordan
5. Activity (everyday mostly at night 1800+ anf b4 that i play )
6. Tell us a bit about yourself, normal guy im athletic only in morning though makes me more refreshed Very Happy

General details:

1. Your previous experiences in WoW (i done many thing i know how 2 raid i have experiance in MH/BT also frm watching many vidz)
2. What Guild/s have you been in? guildless cz b4 guilds were just my frendz
3. Reason you left i luv 2 raid and need a good guild for that
4. Why do you think Impaired is the guild for you? cz ur active and serious like me
5. Do you have Ventrilo and microphone? Yes
6. Your goals in WoW?full t6 and have fun while doing that with a gd guild supporting me
7. Whatever else you think is important i hope i get in cz im imba shadow priest with alot of SD (1.2k) and i know how 2 play with my class
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW PRIEST APP   Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:25 pm

Thin application...

1 question though, when you wisperd me ingame you said you had 1.2k spell damage, armory says you have little over 1k...

Where the fuck did 200 damage disappear to?
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