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 mage apply

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PostSubject: mage apply   Sat Aug 02, 2008 6:04 am

Ingame Character details:

1. Name/nick xeltanoth
2. Class mage
3. Specc ( Desired spec + motiation for why that specific spec is the best for your job) 3/48/11, for iceviens and regular fire raiding spec
4. Equipment (Armor profile, Ctprofile, etc.)
5. Professions (And why) enchanting, so i can enchant my gear, and taloring, im gona drop that when wotlk hits for inscription

Player details:

1. Name alex irl , xeltanoth in game
2. Age 17 next week
3. Sex male
4. Country england
5. Activity (write down when you are capable of being online) 4pm server time - 3am server time
6. Tell us a bit about yourself
I have raided all boss's pre sunwell, and have xp in them all ofc, i have a mage and a rogue, i have had a huge afk break from WoW and now i have decided to come back and find a guild, i have had good xp with players in this guild and i feel it is the right guild for me, ill never slack and i will allways decurse/sheep/top dps

General details:

1. Your previous experiences in WoW (raids, servers, etc.) like i said abouve i have raided EVERYTHING PRE SUNWELL, my preivoius server was buring blade, however i left after my guild downed vashj to come here
2. What Guild/s have you been in? OS, Afterlife boctok
3. Reason you left them OS disabonded, boctok started raiding at 3pm, that was to early for me and i got kicked from afterlife for 'talking to much in /g' =]
4. Why do you think Impaired is the guild for you? like i said abouve it seems like a good guild for me to start raiding with again
5. Do you have Ventrilo and microphone? yes
6. Your goals in WoW? to get into sunwell befor wotlk, when woltk hits i hope we will raid in that to!
7. Whatever else you think is important
is this where i put the fact i ebayd?... joke =]
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PostSubject: Re: mage apply   Sat Aug 02, 2008 6:10 am

When applying to a guild, your application reflects your interest, dedication and seriousness for joining the guild.

Frankly, to make an impression, regardless of how good you are at typing, how well you formulate yourself, there is no way we can get a serious impression from a application that looks like it took 5 minutes at the most to do.

If you are really interested in joining the guild, then make one more, and take your time, if not , GL HF where ever you might end up
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mage apply
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