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 Application of Racy, Mage.

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PostSubject: Application of Racy, Mage.   Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:04 pm

Hey people, I'm a 17 year old kid from sweden who's longing to raid in serious manners. I've played WoW for about 3.5 years now, started out at the server Emeriss,, I've had this char a very long time, dropped it quite a few times to level other chars and tried other things to then go back to it and so on, and now for some months back I've started playing seriously with this mage, aiming high.

As the rules indicate, a template must be filled, so here ya go!

In-Game Character Details:

1. Name: Racy
2. Class: Mage.

3. Specc: Iam currently using an outdated PvE Fire specc, that is, the non-icyveins one. I have been thinking about going Arcane-PvE once i get x2 t5, however, iam not sure.

4. Equipment: The guild may be quite close to out of my league, but as i whispered Bawsack, asking about the amount of spelldamage needed to join a MH / BT guild, he informed me of that Knowing how to play the class, and having a good attitude, rises beyond gear, still, my gear is not bad, but as i stated, the guild, witch is raiding BT and MH, might be slightly out of my choices, but i'm still giving it a shot!

Armory Link:

5. Professions: My professions are Tailoring, maxed out. and Enchanting, however, haven't quite leveled that up yet, as all my cash have been going to Mark of Illidari's for pots, and other sush things.

Personal details:

1. Name: Olof.
2. Age: 17.
3. Sex: Male.
4. Country: Sweden
5. Activity: My amount of free-time is limitless(And unhealthy!), iam not bound to slavish things, sush as School, Job, or other uneeded activities and can raid all days, and times, a week.
6. Tell us a bit about yourself:

The probably most important element with me is that I have the time. I am very active, you will without doubt see a 100% raid attendence from me for a long time. And secondly; I want to. There's nothing I like more than raiding, the game has changed a lot and not for the better, but raiding is still fun. I've always enjoyed it, along with instancing aswell. It's just some feeling, something about it, something I like. It haven't really gone too well for me throughout the ages though.

Now I'm a typical hardcore PvE;er person who's never really had any luck getting anywhere, been stuck in nowhere for quite a while now and I'd like the chance to settle in to a guild which I can give my everything for, and just raid, seriously and wholeheartedly.

General details:

1. Your previous experiences in WoW:
I leveled two characters to 60 pre-tbc on the server Emeriss, even raided some with one of them, then, when the expantion came, and i started to play my mage, ive had some more luck with raiding, I have gotten SSC to 5/6, however, i left my previous guild before they downed Lady Vashj. I got 3/4 TK, and 2/5 MH, Sadly, none in BT, (done the pre-q tho!)

2. What Guild/s have you been in:
I have been in HeartBreakers, Booterang, Crusade(Undefiled Message).
3. Reason you left them: I left Heartbreakers because the one who got me into the guild(Witch also is a close friend to me) left. pretty much the same with the second one, but wasen't in it very long. and lastly, Crusade, i did not feel that guild was fit for me, raid leading was okay and all, simply i did not like the feeling and moral in it, it wasen't this serious family raid feeling we all know, more like a "Do that" and get lewts.

4. Why do you think Impaired is the guild for you: to be honest, iam not sure if iam even "qualified" to make application, but i felt like i should try, iam looking for a guild that enjoys the journey as much as the goal(I did not steal that line!)

5. Do you have Ventrilo and microphone: I do, one of the major reasons i left the last guild was that only the Raid leader was allowed to speak during the raids, and the socialism kinda got killed there...

6. Your goals in WoW:
Well, as i said before, alot of things are not as they used to be, but the spark and thrill PvE-Raiding can give you is still there, and i would then say my Goal in wow is progressing, and spanking as many high-end encounters as possible!

7. Whatever else you think is important: The spirit with raiding, its not worth being in an Late SWP guild, if the members are zombies!

So anyhow!

I'd be more than overjoyed if you would consider accepting me!
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PostSubject: Re: Application of Racy, Mage.   Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:16 am

Nice app
Gear isnt on bt/mh level, u miss hit and some enchants but like Bawsack said its not they key factor

I wish u gl Smile
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Application of Racy, Mage.
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