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 got some explaining to do

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PostSubject: got some explaining to do   Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:12 pm

yoo peepz
i got kicked for missing the first two raids as an initiate, and i deserved that ofcourse, just lemme explain a couple of things before making this definite.
Not attending the raids wasnt my plan, as I said when i first joined the guild, im enthousiastic about raiding, ive done it pre tbc too, imo its the best part of WoW. however my internet broke down on sunday, i called the service line and they explained there were some local problems. I just got my internet back....
now i joined this guild to do some hardcore raiding, and if i could id have 100% attendance.
But as i also explained i had a scooter accident a while ago, not my fault, no pity needed, but the doc wants to see me like once a week since my shoulder is still very fragile, i gotta go to a specialist for this, wich makes it a few hour drive, wich causes me may be gettin late for raids.
I understand if all of this not gets me back in the guild, but know that I really WANT to come raiding, and im definitly in for the long run, wich means later on, when the hospital shit is over, i prolly wont have things that prevent me from raiding. and i guess that was the mentality this guild was looking for.
PLEASE Froodo, enlighten me with ur opinion in this
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got some explaining to do
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