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 [on hold]Rogue Apply

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PostSubject: [on hold]Rogue Apply   Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:15 pm

Ingame Character details:

1. Name/nick: Xlnz
2. Class: Orc Rogue
3. Specc (+ anything else you might want to notify us with): Subtl. atm, but will ofc respec combat for raids.
4. Equipment (Armor profile, Ctprofile, etc.) My armory profile isnt available atm, since i moved to Magtheridon today, from Dunemaul. But it will be up soon. Smile
5. Professions: None atm, because my char was hacked, and professions was not set to normal by GM.. Sad But skill up what is needed! (I was LW/Skinning)
6. Attunements -

Player details:

1. Name: Jerry
2. Age: 22
3. Country: Sweden

4. Activity (write down when you are capable of being online) Im online most afternoons, and often very long, but they may vary abit, since i live with my girlfriend,
and some nights are big NONO.. Smile But most of the time im online. But just so you know that i might not attend to every raid.

5. Tell us a bit about yourself: Well, as said, im 22 years old, i live in Sweden with my girlfriend. Im studying to become a teacher. My hobbies include aquariumfish, hockey(maybe not this winter..), and wow.

General details:

1. Your previous experiences in WoW (raids, servers, etc.) As said, i played on Dunemaul earlier, but moved here because the pve and pvp sucked on Dunemaul. I have done 4/6 SSC, 2/4 TK, 2/2 Gruul, 12/12 kara etc.

2. What Guild/s have you been in? Dreamers, We raid for badges etc.

3. Reason you left them: We raid for badges was disbanded, and i auto left dreamers when i was hacked, and after that i didnt re-join, as i knew that i would transfer to

4. Why do you think Impaired is the guild for you? I want a good pve guild, that i can have fun in, and where i can progress now, and in Wotlk. And since im new on the server i think i need to get into a good guild, so that i get to know people on the server also Smile I cant know if Impaired is the guild for me, but i really hope so Smile

5. Do you have Ventrilo and microphone? I have Ventrilo and microphone.

6. Your goals in WoW? To get good geared, to get to see endgame content, and to have fun while doing it.

7. Whatever else you think is important: I think its important for me to get a good guild, that i can support, and that supports me through the game. And that we have a nice time raiding. And most important of all for me is that the guild members get along good. Since there is nothing worse than a guild where you cant get along with your guildies Smile I also always bring my own flasks, pots, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: [on hold]Rogue Apply   Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:50 am

On hold
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[on hold]Rogue Apply
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