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 Application template

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PostSubject: Application template   Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:20 am

Read Before Applying

Before applying there are many things that are nessecery for applicants to have, or be able to do.

¬Be able to understand and speak good English.
¬Willing and able to attend raids regularly; 4 times a week atleast. Our raiding days are Sunday-Thursday. Saturday is our official offday, and no attendance raids are planned on Fridays.
¬Able to fit out raiding times (19:30-00:00)
¬You must be prepared for raids, this means being there on time and having the right equipment, buffs, or reagents.
¬Have experience with raiding. (No Ebayers please)
¬Dedicated and focused. Meaning you must be able to wipe on a boss, without moaning and whilst keeping focused.
¬Be able to comprehend instructions- this is VITAL for many classes.
¬Must be able to take a joke and joke back.
¬Know how to play your Character and your Class.

About You:

Real Name: (Optional)
Ingame Name:
Real life occupation: (Optional)


How are you specced:
What is motivational about this spec:
Willing to respecc if required:
Experience with this spec:

Gear: (Armory Profile)

Damage Gear: If applicable
Healing Gear: If applicable
Tanking Gear: If applicable
Resistance Gear If applicable

Gaming Info

When did you first start playing WoW:
Played Time:
Tell us about any other Characters you have played:
Have you played any other MMORPGs:
Whats days and times do you play in the Evening:
What are your 5 most used spells in raids, and why:
What, if any, keybindings/macros you use in raids:

Raiding Info
Current Raiding Experience:
Previous Raiding Experience: Pre-TBC experience.



Guild Questions

Do you know any Impaired members in real life:
Is there an Impaired member who can vouch for you and who is that:
Why do you play WoW, what do you find entertaining in the game:
What other guilds have you been in, why did you leave:
Why have you applied to Impaired :
What do you expect from us:
What can we expect from you:

Is there anything else you'd like to add? *Don’t forget to Motivate*
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Application template
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